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With over 15 years of experience, participating in over 100 projects, publications and scientific papers, we continue to provide our customers with the ultimate service in the field of ecological modeling, application of mathematical and numerical methods in data analysis, programming, establishment and maintenance of databases and related computer activities.

MultiOne is a member of Cooperative Zadruga Granum Salis for research, planning and design in sustainable environmental management.




Application of mathematical, statistical methods and machine learning to analyze data of varying origin, with emphasis on environmental and satellite data / application of geoinformatics / application of multivariate statistics.


Implementation of open source based solutions (GDAL, Quantum GIS, GRASS, Mapserver), use of ESRI ArcView, ArcMap, ArcINFO, ITTVis ENVI application packages.


Using 3D numerical models and developing our own neural network models in geophysics, hydrology, ecology, geomatics and similar (e.g. groundwater models, numerical satellite image processing ...).


Design and development of new software solutions (applications) for specific client needs in various programming languages on the latest platforms.


projects and references

Upravljanje sustavom suzbijanja komaraca

Mosquito population monitoring, development of forecasting models for purpose of implementation of mosquito control system and control of effectiveness of the mosquito treatment in the city of Osijek, 2015.

CLIENT: City of Osijek

ROLE: Construction of a geoinformation system, production of numerical models for the contribution of groundwater and precipitation of microdepression filling

Poslovi inventarizacije šuma

Development of management programs for private forest owners, 2015. - 2018.

CLIENT: Pro Silva d.o.o.

ROLE: Database creation and maintenance, database manipulation, and reporting

Stanje i opis ekosustava Motovunske šume

Expert Study: State and description of the Motovun forest ecosystem, 2014.

CLIENT: Croatian Water (Hrvatske vode)

ROLE: Application of geoinformatics and multivariate statistics

Analiza prostornih mogućnosti Sisačko-moslavačke županije

Spatial allocation study for renewable energy resources in Sisak-moslavina County, 2016.

CLIENT: Sisak-Moslavina County

ROLE: Calculation of the solar energy potential calculation and mapping of the allocated energy



Posjedovne i površinske značajke šuma

Estate characteristics of private-owned forests in Croatia according to regions, 2017.

AUTHORS: Berta A., Kušan V., Križan J., Stojsavljević D., Hatić D.

PUBLISHED: Šumarski list, 1–2 (2017): 57–65

Full PDF
Camera Traps on Wildlife Crossing Structures

Camera Traps on Wildlife Crossing Structures as a Tool in Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) Management - Five-Years Monitoring of Wolf Abundance Trends in Croatia, 2016.

AUTHORS: Šver L., Bielen A., Križan J., Gužvica G.

PUBLISHED: PLoS ONE 11(6):e0156748

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Designing laboratory wind simulations

Designing laboratory wind simulations using artificial neural networks, 2014.

AUTHORS: Križan, J., Gašparac, G., Kozmar H., Antonić O., Grisogono B.

PUBLISHED: Theoretical and Applied Climatology 06/2014; DOI: 10.1007/s00704-014-1201-4

Full PDF
Relationship between MODIS-based Aerosol Optical Depth and PM10

Relationship between MODIS-based Aerosol Optical Depth and PM10 over Croatia, 2013.

AUTHORS: Grgurić, S., Križan, J., Gašparac, G., Antonić, O., Špirić, Z. Mamouri, R.E., Christodoulou, A., Nisantzi, A. Agapiou, A., Themistocleous, K., Fedra, K., Panayiotou, C., Hadjimitsis, D.

PUBLISHED: Central European Journal of Geosciences. DOI: 10.2478/s13533-012-0135-6

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